Andrew Mills- the man behind the picture

Reading the Star Ledger (NJ) this morning and came across a great article written by Andrew Mills. If you haven’t heard of him, just think of the infamous picture of Gov. Chris Christie sitting on the closed beach. 

Now honestly, us New Jerseyans really don’t care about the beach Christie was pictured on- BUT- there are really cute families that have gained rights to their own summer properties within that closed park. I am not that lucky to have a summer property (or a winter property…) but, I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be for the small number of families who were inconvienenced by this government failure. 
Andrew Mills went out on a hunch and ended up taking a photo that us lay people in New Jersey have been waiting for the rest of the nation to experience. Hats off to you Mr. Mills and thank you for speaking for those who have a very very muffled voice in the state of NJ