The New York Post had a byte sized paragraph on a topic of interest to me. This is a very conflicted field- a discussion for a rainy day. In the meantime, open dialogue should be a priority when implementing recreational use of anything- especially products in very high demand such as marijuana. As more states realize the high profit margins of innovative business strategies, it is important to also utilize people who are familiar with the underlying factors to predict (and avoid) problems.

Until the stigma associated with recreational marijuana use (RMU) is lifted- there will always be an issue with more demand and inadequate supply. The key word being stigma- and a very biased one at that. I have never known one to judge a woman or man for walking into a liquor store and buying a drink – whatever that drink may be. Even if this person did this once weekly, or even 5 times weekly it wouln’t cause much press. 

A conversation I would love to have… and the only answers I can come up with… with potential rebuttle arguments 

Why is RMU so stigmatized in a free world? It’s addictive…..Yes, so is alcohol, so are cigarettes… and there are absolutely no medical benefits of cigarette use. Literally -they do nothing for you except one thing- kill you, slowly (or despacito for my top hit song lovers)… next

But it can ruin your lungs? Yes depending – but alcohol ruins your liver (scientifically proven) among other things, and cigarettes ruin your lungs among other things… so if that is the argument it needs to include other products available that have simular or worse outcomes…let the people chose maybe? … next

But it makes you lazy! Yes, and alcohol can do the same depending on who you are and how you metabolize it. MJ has different effects on different people because…wait for it… WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! A person who loves a nice glass of wine, or a nice dirty martini with 4 olives (not to be specific or anything) or a gin and tonic with half of a cigarette have different ways of socializing compared to a person who would rather enjoy a nicely rolled blunt- and that’s ok!!! Before you raise any arguments with this debate I suggest this- 

  1. Plan to attend to 2 parties (or if your rich and can afford it, do your own experiment – I would!) One of the parties only offers liquor, wine, beer… don’t observe the ones who are drinking and smoking at all including tobacco (that would be something called a confounding factor… save that for a rainy day) and the other party only RMU allowed.
  2. See which party has a fight eruption first… feel free to bring up topics known to cause debate. Will one party have a better conversation? What is the influence of alcohol versus MJ regarding conflict resolution? Trust me I don’t know the answer to this one, but judging RMUsers before understanding the lack of tangible arguments against them is slightly unfair and biased, don’t cha think?