Chelsea Handler… The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

One of my favorite political voices has to be Chelsea Handler – hands down, and here’s why.

Watching her interviews and sketches gives me a sense of hope. Sometimes, we forget that successful people are human, and they have opinions on right versus wrong and a huge platform to take a stance and make a difference. This is something that is lost in the correlation between ‘Hollywood’ and reality. Not like reality TV – I mean our reality as human beings. Chelsea Handler is not only funny as $hit, she combines her humor with her beliefs and doesn’t hold back when it comes to letting us, the audience, know how she feels. That’s respectable for sure- if nothing else. I’m not saying I completely agree with everything she does, I don’t completely agree with anything anyone does, I’m a scientist it’s in my nature. But even if you completely disagree with everything, or some things she says, or the demeanor in which she presents her values, you can’t argue that because we live in a country that allows for that kind of platform. I don’t like it when people judge skin tone or hair type on multiple media platforms but that’s something I have to deal with living here so let it be. Next!

I wish I could attend the live debate (Chelsea Handler versus Tomi Lahren). Mostly because I truly believe Ms. Lahren doesn’t really really believe what comes out of her mouth. I think it is purely for ratings. In a world where you are only ‘popular’ if you are hated or loved- she chose the hate card maybe? I find it hard (…maybe unbelievable) that any human would use their huge (and fortunate!!!) social and political platform to spread a term i’ll coin “super-hate.” This super hate may end when the camera stops rolling for some, but the rest of us have to live with what you put out- not judging, just saying.

I hope the discussion goes well honestly – I hope it’s entertaining, funny, informative, and most of all I hope everyone walks away with more knowledge gained versus lost. I am a bit disappointed Ms. Lahren cancelled her Netflix interview though… there’s always tomorrow!

⇒Super hate: Intentional disregard of empathy, sympathy, or any other natural, common, human emotion before deciding to spread hate at an unprecedented scale.